Wind in the Pines歌词-杨永聪

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Wind in the Pines
歌曲:Wind in the Pines
专辑:Lost & Found

Wind in the Pines

Wind in the Pines

Amongst the pine cones,
I tugged my coat closed,
and I tried in vain to get some sleep,
But the howling winds,
they blew through the trees,

        and they robbed all chance of slumber from me.

So I carried my love to the mountain top,

    and I buried her where angels come to die,

How the heavens wept,
cried their heavy tears,

        against a cold steel grey and barren sky.

Wohohoh is there anything left of me?
Wohohoh is there anything left of me…
without you?

I laid down by your graveside,
and I finally slept a thousand stolen years,
But when I awoke,
I found my face was covered,
by a river of ten thousand frozen tears.

The photographs we took,

    faded, and strewn across the dusty floor.

The marks we left growing up,

    Now just forgotten stains, 

remembered only by those rotting walls.