Rag and Bone World歌词-杨永聪

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Rag and Bone World
歌曲:Rag and Bone World
专辑:Lost & Found

Rag and Bone World

Rag and Bone World

Well, you can make mistakes,
I will take the fall,
There’s nothing here for breakfast,
but we’re never truly poor,
We’re fighting together,
Here in this rag and bone world.

Well nothing here is stable,
Everything falls,
But you got to take these bright lights
with these curtain calls,
We’re scraping a living,
Here in this rock and roll world.

Oh Rebel Heart, you sing to me, give strength to me,
Oh Rebel Heart, won’t you sing to me?
You strengthen me through sound.

Well looking ‘round this small room,
the walls are green with mould,
Everything here is broken, nothing works as it should,
We’re quickly getting thinner,
Starving in this rag and bone world.

And I promise, it won’t stay like this,
‘cos I can see we’re moving forward
slowly in this rag and bone world.