Why You So Mimoor歌词-HYPER SLASH超级斩

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Why You So Mimoor
歌曲:Why You So Mimoor
歌手:HYPER SLASH超级斩.未知
专辑:Why You So Mimoor

Why You So Mimoor

[00:00.000]作词:HYPER SLASH / 超级斩
作词:HYPER SLASH / 超级斩
作词:HYPER SLASH / 超级斩

[00:00.000]作曲:HYPER SLASH / 超级斩

[00:00.000]编曲: HYPER SLASH / 超级斩



[00:03.440]Why you so mimoor? Call me papa!
[00:26.011]Get out!Leave me alone!

[00:26.426]How many times I need to tell you


[00:29.394]Stop waking me up now I wanna kill you


[00:33.172]There is plenty of time for me to snooze


[00:36.578]You don't get to judge me how I live my life

[00:39.368]So fuck you
[00:40.735]Maybe one of us?
[00:41.759]Did you ever felt like someone's calling you out for a battle?


[00:46.392]Have you met someone in your life who motivates you?


[00:50.552]Do you care who will win this game?


[00:53.592]Come with me
[00:55.578]I'm right in front of you
[00:57.043]Just follow me tight
[01:01.533]Wo o o
[01:07.003]Lalala Lalala
[01:10.995]You and I are on the same starting line
[01:15.179]No need to wait for the sign

[01:17.350]Just open your arms
[01:19.280]And run until you can fly
[01:22.551]Lalala Lalala


[01:23.560]You and I are aways side by side


[01:24.946]We ran together but now you can fly


[01:27.533]You like a pen that draws a rainbow in the sky


[01:31.217]I'm right below you and everything is right

[01:36.183](我就站在你后面 一切都刚刚好)

[02:12.134]Mimoor is a disease

[02:14.017]Cheer up
[02:16.518]Or you will be perished


[02:22.575]Change yourself

[02:46.199]The night is coming your colors are fading


[02:55.513]But the sun set lights you up and you're still shining


[03:04.066]Your wings are gone but you can't stop dreaming


[03:09.725]You have the whole world after you and all you need to do is


[03:14.139]Everyone on your mark, get set, and go now

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