Fables Of Faubus歌词-Charles Mingus

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Fables Of Faubus
歌曲:Fables Of Faubus
歌手:Charles Mingus.男
专辑:Mingus Ah Um

Fables Of Faubus

[00:05.52]Oh Lord don't let 'em shoot us
[00:20.91]Oh Lord don't let 'em stab us
[00:50.96]Oh Lord don't let 'em tar and feather us
[01:33.13]Oh Lord no more swastikas
[01:53.93]Oh Lord no more Ku Klux Klan
[02:12.49]Name me someone who's ridiculous Dannie
[02:25.92]Governor Faubus
[02:38.14]Why is he so sick and ridiculous
[03:04.97]He won't permit integrated schools
[03:34.96]Then he's a fool Boo Nazi Fascist supremists
[03:56.63]Boo Ku Klux Klan
[04:22.75]With your Jim Crow plan
[04:57.45]Name me a handful that's ridiculous Dannie Richmond
[05:34.37]Faubus Rockefeller Eisenhower
[05:45.49]Why are they so sick and ridiculous
[07:12.05]Two four six eight
[07:37.38]They brainwash and teach you hate
[07:47.48]H-E-L-L-O Hello

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